Alexandria’s Genesis – Does it Really Exist?

alexandria's genesis

Violet eyes – these are what some of us want to have. Alexandria’s Genesis, or sometimes called Purple Eye Disease, is a condition, or a genetic mutation that turns an infant’s eyes into violet within six months after birth. Instances suggest that when a child with Purple Eye Disease reaches puberty, their eyes deepen in color, appearing to be violet-blue. It does not affect a person’s sight. However, people with this condition apparently do not have the ability to grow hair in their body, face, pubic and anal area, but have hair on their head, nose. eyelashes and eyebrows.

There are reports claiming that people with violet eyes have shimmering white skin and are immuned to skin burning, or tanning. Some even say that women with Purple Eye Disease do not menstruate despite being fertile. What’s more, having this condition makes someone stop aging at 50 and can live up to 150 years. These claims are enough for others to call people with purple eyes as perfect human beings.

When did it start?

Rumors about this genetic mutation started in Egypt, about 1,000 years ago. The legend states that a mysterious light came out from the sky and everyone who went out to see it developed pale skin and violet eyes. They were then called “Spirit People” who eventually disappeared.

In 1392, a report of this condition was reported in England. Symptoms of purple eyes were seen on a child named Alexandria. It was then reported that she gave birth to children with the same condition and lived for 100 years. Research was conducted regarding this condition and the cause was said to be released in the 1960’s.

Is it Real?

People have always been debating whether an individual can really have natural violet eyes. Theory claims that if there is something that causes people to age quickly, then there could be something else that can cause the opposite. This theory also supports the idea that some mutations can cause one to become immune to some illnesses.

Elizabeth Taylor, for example, is said to posses purple eyes. It is rumored that she has Alexandria’s Genesis. Yes, the actress was born with a mutation, but not Alexandria’s Genesis, rather, a mutation called Distichiasis. It causes abnormal growth of eyelashes, that enhanced Elizabeth’s beauty.

 Nowadays, we come across many bizarre news. In the end, they turn out to be stories made up to become viral. Like those, Alexandria’s Genesis is just a story that went viral, but is still believed by many to be true. In the case of Elizabeth Taylor, experts say that her eyes may appear to be violet in color, but in reality, they are actually deep blue, enhanced by lighting and makeup.

People who suffer from severe Albinism also have eyes that alter in color depending on the lighting. Some may have red eyes, and some may appear to have violet eyes.

Experts suggest that it is possible to have a genetic mutation that allows an individual to have purple eyes and a stronger immune system. However, a shimmering white skin that is immuned to tanning is completely impossible.